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Help & Info about Bookworm for windows

  • What is Bookworm?

    In this puzzle game from PopCap Games, you take on the role of Lex, a well-read worm who earns points by connecting letters from a grid of tiles to form words. It's a mixture of a classic word game like Scrabble and a tile-matching puzzle game.
  • Is Bookworm free?

    The trial version of the game is available to download free of charge. The full game may exist in playable form on some free web platforms, but no free downloadable version of the full game exists.
  • What platforms is Bookworm available on?

    After its initial success as a PC game in 2003, this game was released for a number of different platforms. Versions exist for PC and Macintosh as well as the Nintendo DS and Xbox Live Arcade. The game is also available on a number of web platforms, as well as on iOS and other smartphones and personal devices.
  • Is Bookworm still available?

    This game, together with its sequels, has been removed from most sale platforms. As a result, digital copies are no longer available, although second-hand copies of discs or Nintendo DS cartridges are still available on the secondary market.
  • Is Bookworm safe?

    If you have an older copy of the game or have managed to get your hands on a second-hand one, you should have nothing to worry about. This game is safe; the only problem you will encounter is that it may be hard to find.
  • What do fiery tiles do in Bookworm?

    Word-building play is made more challenging by the addition of special tiles. The fiery tiles cause damage to tiles surrounding them; you'll need to clear them off the board by using them in a word before they burn up your other letters. This may even mean creating a lower-scoring word to do so.
  • What do gem tiles do in Bookworm?

    Creating longer words earns you rewards in the form of green, gold, sapphire and diamond tiles. If you include one of these tiles in a word, it increases the word's score value. The special tiles are also more resistant to fire.
  • What are the game modes in Bookworm?

    When playing, you can choose between two game modes: Classic mode is a puzzle game with no time limit and is ideal for relaxed or distracted play, while Action mode uses burning tiles to speed up the game and requires more concentration.
  • How many levels are there in Bookworm?

    The game doesn't limit your play with a fixed number of levels; new tiles will always keep appearing. Once you achieve the maximum rank, you can still keep playing, adding more stars to your score but not otherwise advancing in rank.
  • How often is Bookworm updated?

    No new updates will be forthcoming for this title or, probably, any of its spinoff games. PopCap seems to have decided to end the series in favor of focusing on other properties such as the Plants vs Zombies series of games.


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